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Nicki Minaj’s “Pills N Potions” Video: Watch Her Hang With Game & Take Out Her Boobs

Nicki Minaj Game Pills N Potions music video
Did we read somewhere that Nicki Minaj‘s “Pills N Potions” video, directed by Diane Martel, was supposed to premiere Monday (June 9) evening? It actually didn’t arrive until well after midnight, but no matter — Queen Barb’s latest is here in full, and you can see it above.

What you’ll be watching is Nicki crying tears of what appears to be liquid mercury, hanging out with a shirtless Game and wearing bunny ears while posing rather sullenly. Oh, and she also pulls her boobs out of her shirt at one point, and there are a few obvious product placement scenes (hello, Official Beats Pill and Minajesty By Nicki Minaj perfume), so if you’re into that sort of thing, then you’d better get to watching. More »

Jennifer Lopez & Casper Smart Split Up: Morning Mix

:: Jennifer Lopez has split from her boyfriend of two years, back-up dancer Casper Smart. Based on what’s been said in the past, the relationship simply seemed to have run its course. Earlier this year, Lopez said she didn’t think the two were heading for marriage. [ABC]

:: Speaking of breakups: Calvin Harris confirmed that he and Rita Ora are no longer dating, though neither have explained why. “I wish her for all the best,” Harris said. [Billboard]

:: Florida Georgia Line‘s revamp of “This Is How We Roll,” featuring Jason Derulo, isn’t the only country remix sparked by this year’s CMT Awards. Hunter Hayes reveals that, while preparing to back John Legend, the two cut a bluegrass version of Legend’s #1 hit “All of Me” at the studio, too. [Billboard]

:: YaYa DeCosta will star as Whitney Houston in a Lifetime biopic, directed by Angela Bassett and out in 2015. Previously, the former America’s Next Top Model contestant has appeared in All My Children, Ugly Betty and House. [The Huffington Post]

:: Nicki Minaj and Lil Wayne pop up in a new Beats by Dre ad for its redesigned Solo2 headphones. The clip focuses more so on soccer stars like Brazil’s Neymar, Jr. – but hey, Minaj does the same, as she spends her on-screen time flipping through a sports magazine. [Rolling Stone]

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Nicki Minaj’s “Pills N Potions” Video: Watch Her Get Emotional & Go Topless In A Preview Clip

Nicki Minaj Pills N Potions video
Nicki's Smokin'
Hey, don’t forget — Nicki Minaj released a new single last month! Onika’s anguished Dr. Luke ballad “Pills N Potions” — which, let’s face it, plays like “Wrecking Ball”-lite — might not exactly be blowing gals like Iggy, Ariana and Katy out of the water, but perhaps the music video will turn the single’s chart fortunes around? We’ll find out after it premieres this Monday (June 9).

Until then, all fans of hip-pop’s Queen Barb will have to make due with the above 46-second preview of the Diane Martel-directed “Pills N Potions” visual. Here, Game co-stars as Nicki smokes a cigarette, cries a flood of liquid mercury tears and poses topless, all while seeming somehow way more dressed-down and au naturale than in her previous, candy-colored “Starships” days. More »

Is Rihanna Teasing Lyrics From Her Eighth Album?

Rihanna continues to dominate headlines in 2014, though not for music. Recently, designer Tom Ford made a bold claim: Rihanna’s Instagram is more influential than any fashion reviewer. (He must not know about its disappearance, or even that she’s due to release not one, but two albums this year.) So when the Unapologetic star teased new lyrics without explanation, fans freaked out.

For all Rihanna’s pooh-poohing of basics, her lyrics are about falling for the wrong guy, despite knowing better: “Your silver tongue is full of lies, with tricks and thrills and Bambi eyes.” She tagged a few of them as #barz, which sent her Navy in a frantic search for more details. One fan found a new Keri Hilson lyric, while MTV spotted that Nicki Minaj reposted a fan drawing with #barz hashtag too.

The idea sounds too good to be true, though it’s still worth asking: Can Rihanna, Keri and Nicki be plotting a collaboration? See the #barz-related posts below and weigh in at the comments. More »

Nicki Minaj Unveils First “Pills N Potions” Lyric Video

Nicki Minaj surprised fans by revealing the first of two lyric videos for “Pills N Potions.”

This first go is rather literal, as it features snapshots of pills, drinks and neon signs outside bars to highlight the vulnerable hook. It isn’t the most compelling lyric video out there. But it still offers room for interpretation; it would be interesting to see whether the second lyric video riffs off Minaj’s bars about relationships, business and personal, instead.

Minaj’s lyric video dropped without warning, though as she continues to tease the actual “Pills N Potions” video. Reportedly directed by Diane Martel, it appears to be a shadowy, intimate clip of Minaj being alone if not vulnerable. No matter how it turns out, though, “Pills N Potions” has already been a remarkable transformation for the rapper who cemented her place in hip-hop as a “Monster.” More »

Nicki Minaj Previews “Pills N Potions” Video: Watch

“Never looked like this in a vid,” Nicki Minaj said during a Twitter Q&A, of her forthcoming “Pills N Potions” video. Based on two teasers, it may be as stripped down as the song itself. Before she partied in Las Vegas, Minaj teased a few scenes from the anticipated clip, reportedly directed by Diane Martel. Fittingly, she appears to be completely alone, if not vulnerable in the shadowy footage. In one scene, her hair covers up her otherwise bare chest.

Martel has worked with Minaj once before, for her 2010 “Right Thru Me” video. At the time, fans and critics were surprised to see the Pink Print star without a candy-colored wig on and in her underwear, just as they were used to seeing her in more colorful ensembles. If she is indeed directing the video, then “Pills N Potions” would mark a departure for Martel, too. Last year, she courted controversy for her direction with Robin Thicke‘s “Blurred Lines” and Miley Cyrus‘ “We Can’t Stop.”

See Nicki Minaj’s teasers of her “Pills N Potions” video below. More »

Whatcha Say: Nicki Minaj, Michael Jackson And Richard Marx Got Our Readers Talking

Happy Friday, Idolator readers! We hope you’re all about to enjoy a nice long weekend away. As always, there was much to talk about in this week of pop.

We kicked off with a bang on Sunday with the Billboard Music Awards, featuring performances from the likes of everyone from Pitbull and Jennifer Lopez to Iggy Azalea and Ariana Grande. Plus, Mariah Carey, Robyn & Royksopp and Cher Lloyd ALL debuted the full streams for their long awaited albums.

Whips and chains evidently excite pop divas Madonna and Katy Perry, who tag-teamed on the surprise cover of V Magazine this week. Lea Michele got sultry in the video for “On My Way.” Michelle Williams got us holy twerking with Kelly, Solange and Beyonce on “Say Yes.” And the winners were officially crowned this week on both The Voice Season 6 and American Idol Season 13!

Right here on Idolator, we had the pleasure of debuting Richard Marx‘s stunning comeback track “Whatever We Started.” Our monthly Magazine Melee is in full swing between Beyonce, Rihanna, Lily Allen, Madonna and Katy Perry and Solange. (Have you voted yet?) Plus, we launched a giveaway for tickets to The Thank You Festival in DC. As always, you guys had plenty to say. Read the week’s best comments below! More »

Miley Cyrus Counseled Jennifer Lawrence After Vomiting At A Post-Oscars Party: Morning Mix

Did You Hear?

:: Miley Cyrus isn’t exactly the poster girl for sensible party behavior but she pulled Jennifer Lawrence aside after she spotted the actress vomiting at an Oscars after-party and told her to “get it together”. She should take her own advice. [Billboard]

:: This is really sad. Jack White admitted in a new interview that he’s no longer in touch with former bandmate/wife Meg White. He put their estrangement down to the fact that she didn’t high-five him enough. [Stereogum]

:: RuPaul has defended the use of the word “tranny” on his TV show RuPaul’s Drag Race and in his music. “You can be whatever the hell you wanna be, I ain’t stopping you,” the drag legend said in a podcast. “But don’t you dare tell me what I can do or say.” [Rickey.Org]

:: Isn’t the internet an amazing invention? Kendall and Kylie Jenner made a video dancing to Nicki Minaj‘s new single “Pills N Potions” and now it’s a thing. The rap diva should invite them to star in her video to get those YouTube views up. [Billboard]

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Nicki Minaj Talks ‘Forbes’ Claiming Iggy Azalea Runs Hip-Hop: “No Thank You”

Nicki Minaj has responded to a Forbes article published on May 19, initially titled “Hip Hop Is Run By a White, Blonde, Australian Woman.”

While Forbes even changed the headline due to social media backlash (“The author offers sincere apologies to anyone who was offended by it”), the article’s claims remained the same: Iggy Azalea‘s rise in the charts has been swift, while Minaj has been “oddly quiet for months.” In response, the “Pills N Potions” star actually cackled. “Okay. I’m reloaded,” she said on Power 105′s The Breakfast Club. More »

Nicki Minaj’s “Pills N Potions”: Listen

Welp, Nicki Minaj promised her new album The Pink Print wouldn’t have a “Starships” on it, and lead single “Pills N Potions” certainly isn’t that. But it turns out she was sort of misleading us about this all being a return to her “real” hip-hop roots. “Pills N Potions,” out today (May 21), isn’t a blast of sugary dance-pop, but the Dr. Luke-produced jam is completely 100% pop — it just happens to be a ballad.

“Pills” is a lovely, understated song, with Nicki projecting a vulnerability that’s been missing from her material, meaning it’s the exact opposite of the firebreathing raps she’s teased with this year. While she turns out two quick verses about coming to grips with naysayers, her singing voice does the legwork with the refrain “Pills and potions / We’re overdosing / I’m angry but I still love you.”

“Pills N Potions” doesn’t showcase a brilliant hook or jaw-dropping rhymes, but it does show Nicki can’t be pigeonholed, and at this point, that’s her greatest asset. Does she have another chart smash on her hands? Hear it below to find out. More »