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Nicole Scherzinger Is Absent From Her “Missing You” Video: Watch The Still Engaging Love Story

Before Sunrise — The Remake?
Nicole Scherzinger‘s epic collaboration with Italian DJ Alex Gaudino finally has a video — only she’s not in it. Instead, “Missing You” tells the familiar tale of star-crossed lovers who share one night together before they’re forced to part. In order words, it’s Before Sunrise set in Venice Beach.

Our protagonists are a street performer and a random girl that walks around engrossed in a notebook filled with Nicole Scherzinger cuttings. I know the Pussycat Doll diva is a pop legend but let that sink in for a minute. Obviously it’s love at first sight and they spend the day making out and preparing for a breakdance competition. Because that’s what people do in California.

Engross yourself in the quirky mini-movie up top. More »

Nicole Scherzinger Rocks A Mini-Skirt At Nandos: 7 Pics

Nicole Scherzinger looked spicier than Nandos’ trademark peri peri chicken when she dropped by the fast-food chain for a quick bite in London last night (August 29). The former Pussycat Doll wore a tiny mini-skirt and black leather waistcoat — showing off the bangin’ body of a woman unlikely to indulge in fried goods on a regular basis. This makes me love the Killer Love diva even more. Flawless on camera, hungry for a burger in real life. More »

Nicole Scherzinger Flaunts Her Sizzling Bikini Body In Hawaii: 5 Pics

Before knuckling down to complete her furiously anticipated sophomore album with, Pussycat Doll legend Nicole Scherzinger took a well earned break in home state Hawaii. The prettiest puakenikeni in pop relaxed on the beach, went paddle-boarding and flaunted her sizzling bikini body. Happily, the diva’s sexiest holiday moments were captured for Instagram. See her saucy snaps above. More »

Nicole Scherzinger Has Recorded A Song With UK Chart-Topper Tom Odell

Two questions are probably rolling around your head right now. Who is Tom Odell and why does Nicole Scherzinger have demon eyes in the above picture? Well, the 22-year-old singer-songwriter recently scored a number one album in the UK and has an international hit on his hands with “Another Love”. As for the other query, let’s put it down to bad photography.

Excitingly, the two hitmakers recently collaborated on a song and it’s set to appear on Nicole’s second/debut LP depending on your nationality. “She’s just one of the most incredible singers I’ve had the pleasure of being in a room with,” Tom told MTV UK.  If this is a sign that the big-lunged “Boomerang” diva is mixing up her sound with a folk element, I’m all for it. If we get #JusticeForBionic, hopefully Killer Love 2.0 is next. More »

What Nicole Scherzinger Did Next: Looming Summer Smash “Missing You” Gets Remixed

Killer Love 4 Life!
Nicole Scherzinger momentarily dropped off the pop radar after releasing catchy UK top 10 hit “Boomerang” earlier this year but that’s all about to change with a summer comeback on the cards. The former Pussycat Doll gets in touch with her inner club kid on Alex Gaudino‘s epic “Missing You”. You might remember the Italian DJ from Kelly Rowland‘s uplifting house anthem “What A Feeling”. He paints a similar canvas for Nicole — albeit in more somber tones. The track has a melancholy twist that will no doubt resonate with fans of sad dance anthems. (Trust me, this is a thing).

A low quality version of “Missing You” surfaced online a month ago but left Killer Lovers wondering if it was an abandoned demo or new track. Happily, it’s the latter. Nicky’s soaring floorfiller is being serviced to clubs across the UK this week with new remixes by Manufactured Superstars, Bottai, Simon De Jano and Alex Guesta. Given the current popularity of EDM in the US, could this be the song to kick off the underrated diva’s campaign at home? Listen to Nicole’s latest and decide for yourself after the jump. More »

When Bad Instagram Updates Happen To Good Pop Stars: 7 Regrettable Pics

Instagram is a cruel mistress. One minute you’re happily choosing a filter, the next haters are blowing up your mentions with nasty comments. Sometimes it’s a simple misunderstanding — Demi Lovato probably had no idea she looked like an extra from World War Z — but occasionally it’s just bad judgment. Like Khia taking nude selfies in the bath and Justin Bieber documenting his binge drinking. Learn from the wayward behavior of your favorite pop stars (above). More »

Victoria Beckham, Jessie J, Rita Ora, Nicole Scherzinger Honored At Glamour Awards

Boy! England sure is an island, isn’t it? That comes through loud and clear reading about last night’s Glamour Awards, which saw the magazine offering up honors for “extraordinary and inspirational women from a variety of fields,” apparently. Among those honored were deserving names like former Spice Girls chanteuse-turned-fashion gremlin Victoria Beckham, who was named Woman of the Decade.

Woman of the Decade! Quelle surprise!  More » To Host Google Hangout With Britney Spears, Miley Cyrus & Nicole Scherzinger

So!‘s new album comes out today. It’s called #willpower (hashtag willpower!) and it features collaborations with big divas like Britney Spears (Regina George), Miley Cyrus (Gretchen Wieners) and Nicole Scherzinger (Karen Smith), and a lot of bleeps and bloops and monosyllabic words because it’s and that’s his thing.

And now, a plot twist: In pop’s evil genius’ greatest coup to date, Will has somehow managed to rope in all three of those collaborators for a Google Hangout this evening, where they’ll be answering fan questions like “Come to Brazil!” and “Please RT for your Turkish fans!” and “#AlbaniaLovesBritney!”  and then Britney will fall asleep on camera because she knows she is better than this. More »’s ‘#willpower’: Stream The Star-Studded LP Featuring Miley Cyrus, Justin Bieber & More‘s fourth studio album #willpower drops on April 23 (hashtag willpower!), and the rapper-producer has posted the album in its entirety as song streams on his YouTube channel, which is great news for people curious to see how Will has managed to take excellent hooks from huge artists and vitiate them with insipid, meaningless lyrics and paint-by-numbers production.

(Okay. Maybe that’s not entirely fair. But man, isn’t it frustrating to get all excited about new songs from Britney Spears and Miley Cyrus and then have them disappoint so thoroughly?)  More »

Nicole Scherzinger Passed On Rihanna’s “We Found Love,” Says Nicole Scherzinger

Oh boy. This one’s a doozy. According to Pussycat Dolls songbird-turned-solo sensation Nicole Scherzinger, she had the opportunity to sing Rihanna and Calvin Harris‘ mega-smash “We Found Love,” but was kind of sick of dance so she didn’t record it. You’re probably thinking, “Oh, Scherzy’s just being misquoted here. Some shady journalist is taking something out of context. There’s no way that could have happened.” But alas, it’s true. And she admitted it!

“I passed on ‘We Found Love,’” she told Notion (via Popjustice). “I’ve got the demo of that song and I was busy at the time. They’d sent me a few dance tracks and I wasn’t able to get to them and I was like, ‘Oh there’s so much dance and I want to take a break from it.’ That was my fault. I slept on it.” More »