Prodigy Tosses The Cartoon Dice And Takes His Chances In Our Worst Album Cover Of The Year Race

Prodigy: Laid Up In The Hospital Or “Getting That Show Bread”?

AP060329027431.jpgRapper Prodigy was granted yet another reprieve in beginning his 3 1/2 year jail bid for gun possession yesterday. His lawyer, Irving Cohen, claimed that severe lung pain had landed the Mobb Deep member (who suffers from sickle cell anemia) in the hospital, and that his client might also be looking at hip replacement surgery in the near future. But a day after he was supposedly admitted, Prodigy posted a message on his blog claiming he was in as robust health as could be expected given his condition. Oh and he was definitely not hospitalized on Tuesday, repudiating his own defense team. This should make for a fun chat at that next lawyer-client working brunch.

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The start of Prodigy’s 3 1/2-year jail term for gun possession has been delayed by at least another week because the Mobb Deep member was hospitalized yesterday after developing complications from his sickle cell anemia. More »

Can Hip-Hop Still Be Artistically Viable When It’s Getting Spanked By The Arcade Fire Sales-wise?

turftalk.jpgAs a way of profiling three artists who made three solid hip-hop albums this year–Turf Talk, Prodigy, and Project Pat–the New York Times‘ Kelefa Sanneh has written another entry in the “hip-hop: possibly dead, definitely changing” trend piece parade. The reasons, in case you’ve been otherwise occupied: sales are in the crapper, hip-hop sales are really in the crapper, one-hit ringtones rule, albums by former backpack outliers are (shockingly, right?) selling better than albums by the one-hit ringtoners, and the genre’s mainstream is taking the reality of the new model harder than most thanks to its longstanding “if you’re not getting money, you ain’t shit” philosophy. The difference being, Sanneh argues, that the rappers themselves are (sometimes) finally realizing the need to scale back their ambitions and “keep grinding” on the indie circuit. But what if hip-hop’s multitudes can’t be contained by the indie circuit alone? What if the genre needs the money men to foster creativity? What the underground needs the promise of the giant gold tank to keep that grind rolling?

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Did The Five-Oh Attempt To Frame 50 Cent?

50.jpgIt’s gotta suck to be the guy who made one of the year’s only rap albums worth listening to from beginning to end and to also be going away for a weapons charge. No, I don’t mean T.I. I’m talking about Prodigy from Mobb Deep, whose stark, retro-leaning Return Of The Mac is (yeah, I’m gonna say it) the year’s only truly essential hip-hop long-player, proving that sometimes even a (tangentially) G-Unit affilliated rapper can turn out a winner. But now Prodigy tells XXL that he could have avoided jail time by fingering his pal 50.

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Leak Of The Day: Ghostface And Prodigy Recount Their Medical Histories

DJ Green Lantern has a new mixtape out, and it’s got a star-studded cast, with verses by the likes of Nas, Mike Jones, and Redman, as well as the obligatory Lil Wayne appearance. More »

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