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Lorde Thinks We Should Spend Less Time Thinking About Sexy Pop Stars: Morning Mix

:: Lorde thinks we should stop worrying about sexy pop stars like Rihanna. “I don’t see a female without clothing as a terrible influence,” she said in a recent interview. “There are worse things. Shooting people.” Good point. [Gossip Cop]

:: They certainly have an affinity with grass. The boys of One Direction popped up at Wimbledon and politely watched a couple of tennis matches. Looks like a fun day out! [Digital Spy]

:: Daft Punk is the subject of a new documentary. There is no word as to what the film will cover but it promises to delve deeper into the men beneath the helmets. Sounds like a blockbuster. [Spin]

:: This sounds a little dubious. In Ja Rule‘s new autobiography he claims that he once hit 50 Cent with a baseball bat and, here’s the kicker, with a crutch. There’s a lot of bad blood between the former rivals but this is a little bit far-fetched. [MTV]

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Rihanna Finally Skips Going Nude, Puts Her Boobs Away & Throws Clothes On For ‘Harper’s Bazaar’ Arabia (No Sexy Porn Here, Folks — Move On)

At this point we’ve become so accustomed to seeing Rihanna nude with her breasts flopping to and fro, from one magazine shoot to the next, that it’s somewhat of a shock, then, to find her all covered up for her latest jaunt, in Haper’s Bazaar Arabia. And yet there RiRi is in photos shot by Ruven Afanador that depict her as a veiled, mysterious being on a mission to tout “the new modesty” (per the publication’s cover line).

If orange is the new black, then perhaps actual clothing is the new sexy in Rihanna’s current world. And maybe, just maybe, she’ll move the game ahead by rocking a more mature and demure look when her follow-up album to Unapologetic rolls around, while all the other ladies of pop continue to toss pics of their naked goods online. Or not.

Catch a couple more snaps from Rihanna’s Harper’s Arabia shoot below, then hit up to see the full spread. More »

Girls Take It Off: 16 Sexy Pics Of Pop Divas Baring Almost All In 2014 (Q2)

The second quarter of 2014 delivered a veritable onslaught of sexy pics from our favorite pop divas. Leading the charge was the holy queen of unnecessary nudity Rihanna. She posed topless (and bottomless) for French men’s magazine Lui and then posted the pics on Instagram, which led to her account being temporarily deleted. She never reactivated it and we’re still in mourning.

Seasoned attention-seekers Rita Ora and Miley Cyrus got in on the act, losing their clothes for multiple photo shoots, but they were put in their place by pop veteran Madonna. Her nipples took pride of place in Italian Vogue and she proved that there’s no age limit for shameless publicity stunts. Bless her heart. While not as rowdy as the previously-mentioned divas, good girls Selena Gomez and Demi Lovato posted bikini pics, while pop legend Mariah Carey wore a pearl necklace (let’s not go there) and little else for sleazy snapper Terry Richardson. See all the sexy pop star antics up top. More »

Disclosure Praise The “Amazingly Classy Way” Sam Smith Came Out: Morning Mix

:: Disclosure have described the way that Sam Smith came out via his “Leave Your Lover” video clip as “amazingly classy”. The British duo worked with the crooner on rapidly rising hit “Latch”. [Pride Source]

:: Ever wondered what Rihanna would look like if she were an animated child? (I really hope you answered no). On the off chance you have, check out the trailer for Home. RiRi voices the lead character and she manages to keep it surprisingly child-friendly. [MTV]

:: Rita Ora has finally commented on her break-up with Calvin Harris. The rising diva tweeted: “I’ve had an incredible time w Calvin & i will treasure the memories.” It’s nice to see that they are both taking the high road. [Billboard]

:: Well, this is an unusual statement to have to make. Lea Michele assures fans that her new boyfriend Matthew Paetz is not a gigolo. Rather, he set up a website teaching gigolos how to date. I’m not sure how much better that is. [TMZ]

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Rihanna Annihilates TLC On Twitter After They Commented On Her Sexy Image: See Her Lethal Shade

Don’t fuck with Rihanna. That’s a life lesson we can all take from the diva’s ruthless Twitter beef with TLC. You’re probably wondering what RiRi could possibly have against the ’90s girl group? Well, T-Boz and Chilli dared to diss the “Monster” singer’s raunchy image. “It’s easy to sell sex,” the ladies said in an Australian TV interview. “We became the biggest girl selling group of all time with our clothes on and that says a lot. We could go around too with booby cakes out all day long.”

That relatively vague statement was enough to trigger Rih’s rage. She changed her Twitter banner to an old photo of TLC posing topless and told her followers: “There’s no changing the fact that I’m me, and they’re well…they’re them.” Ouch. Rihanna’s shade is truly next-level. Never forget how she pretty much ended Teyana Taylor‘s career with a couple of tweets and humiliated Ciara by questioning her ability to book a stage. Watch T-Boz and Chilli’s interview after the jump and see RiRi’s revenge. More »

Justin Bieber Responds To KKK Video With Bible Quotes: Morning Mix

Did You Hear?

:: Justin Bieber has responded to the shocking video of him using the N word and joking about joining the KKK by posting pictures of bible passages on Instagram. Sorry, Bizzle. That doesn’t quite cut it. [TMZ]

:: The internet is still buzzing about Rihanna‘s sheer CFDA dress. Wondering how the garment was created? Well, designer Adam Selman has released a video showing how he constructed the headline-grabbing robe. [Just Jared]

:: La Toya Jackson is getting hitched! She announced her engagement to long-time manager Jeffré Phillips yesterday after he proposed to her at a restaurant with a 17.5 carat ring. Yes, 17.5 carats. Congratulations! [Pink Is The New Blog]

:: Nobody knows who Ryan Lewis is. Which is unfortunate when you’re half of one of the biggest musical acts in the business. Macklemore‘s buddy walked the streets and asked people if they knew who he was. They didn’t. [Digital Spy]

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Rihanna Storms CFDA Awards In See-Through Dress: Watch Her Speech & Victory Twerk

Rihanna joined the ranks of Marilyn Monroe, Elizabeth Hurley and Jennifer Lopez when she showed up at the CFDA Awards on June 2. Appearing as a modern-day Josephine Baker, she wore a sheer dress decorated in over 200,000 Swarovski crystals, with matching gloves, a nude thong and a pink stole.

“The dress is just fishnet and crystals and a couple of fingers crossed,” designer Adam Selman said to Style. Watch, though – this dress will soon have its own Wikipedia entry, as “Sheer Adam Selman dress of Rihanna.”

Anna Wintour, Vogue editor-in-chief and Rihanna’s texting buddy, later presented her with the Fashion Icon Award. “Rihanna speaks to her fans with her every look,” she said. “And what she says to them — and I include all of us in that group — is that it’s fun to feel a little boyish one day and dress up like a dazzling diva the next. I think that’s what she was going for tonight.” The crowd laughed. More »

Is Rihanna Teasing Lyrics From Her Eighth Album?

Rihanna continues to dominate headlines in 2014, though not for music. Recently, designer Tom Ford made a bold claim: Rihanna’s Instagram is more influential than any fashion reviewer. (He must not know about its disappearance, or even that she’s due to release not one, but two albums this year.) So when the Unapologetic star teased new lyrics without explanation, fans freaked out.

For all Rihanna’s pooh-poohing of basics, her lyrics are about falling for the wrong guy, despite knowing better: “Your silver tongue is full of lies, with tricks and thrills and Bambi eyes.” She tagged a few of them as #barz, which sent her Navy in a frantic search for more details. One fan found a new Keri Hilson lyric, while MTV spotted that Nicki Minaj reposted a fan drawing with #barz hashtag too.

The idea sounds too good to be true, though it’s still worth asking: Can Rihanna, Keri and Nicki be plotting a collaboration? See the #barz-related posts below and weigh in at the comments. More »

Rihanna Taps Emeli Sande To Write Songs For ‘Home’ Concept Album

Rihanna‘s concept album for an upcoming 3D animated film, Home, is starting to take shape. Emeli Sande reveals that she has been writing songs along with producer Rodney Jerkins. “I’ve been writing for Rihanna’s new movie, which has been incredible,” Sande said to Digital Spy. “I was with Rodney Jerkins the other night. I feel now I’m back on creative mode.”

She isn’t kidding. Sande, the biggest-selling U.K. artist of 2012 and 2013, also revealed that she has been in the studio with Naughty Boy, the rising producer behind “La La La” featuring Sam Smith. And it’s fitting, too – as Naughty Boy revealed to us last year, that same global hit was originally to be written with Sande herself. “But because she was on tour, I did the session with Sam and I presented the idea to him,” he said. “It just had to be Sam because where it went from there is perfect.” More »

Rihanna Is An “Idiot” With A “Bad Wig” According To Charlie Sheen: See The Actor’s Twitter Rant

Well, this is ugly/hilarious. Rihanna and Charlie Sheen ate at the same restaurant last night (May 21) but instead of exchanging the usual pleasantries, RiRi blew off the actor and his girlfriend when they tried to say hello. (She had obviously seen one too many episodes of Two And A Half Men). Anyway, the outraged thespian jumped on Twitter this morning and put the Barbadian babe on blast.

Charlie considered the missed encounter a blessing. He likened the prospect of conversing with RiRi to “chugging Draino” but was upset for his girlfriend and reprimanded the diva for being rude. “THIS is why I’m in this thing 31 awesome years,” Chuck wrote. “Good will and common courtesy, carefully established over time to exist radically in concert with a code of gratitude!” He makes a valid point there but things soon got personal when the 48-year-old trashed Rihanna’s wig.

“It was a pleasure NOT meeting you,” Charlie concluded. “Clearly we have NOTHING in common when it comes to respect for those who’ve gone before you. I’m guessing you needed those precious 84 seconds [she said she was too busy to talk] to situate that bad wig before you left the restaurant.” Read his long-winded but hilarious rant after the jump. More »