Serj Tankian

Benny Benassi, “Shooting Helicopters (feat. Serj Tankian)”: Idolator Premiere

Clear Channel Gives Your Mersh Rock Correspondent A Considerate Gift

CarolinaLiar-01-big.jpgMany people find it hard to tell the great from the godawful when it comes to 21st-century mainstream rock. To help figure out which is which, here’s “Corporate Rock Still Sells,” where Al “GovernmentNames” Shipley examines what’s good, bad, and ugly in the world of rock and roll. This time around, he celebrates the return of modern-rock radio to his home city of Baltimore with a look at the newest crop of artists to hit the rock charts, and reveals superproducer Max Martin’s stealth assault on the corporate-rock airwaves.

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Coachella line-up update! Hot shit! Five-words-or-less take on each new addition: Aphex Twin (ooh), Goldfrapp (yay), Kate Nash (ugh no), Serj Tankian (iffy on the solo stuff), Redd Kross (!), and Adele (eh). More »

Attending SXSW? A Show For You To Avoid

fightthepowertommorello.jpgIf you’re heading to SXSW next week, color me jealous-ish. Lots of bands, good. Long lines and tons of bloggers, bad. Nonetheless, may I offer a suggestion? Unless you enjoy tedious anti-war preaching from rock stars, avoid Stubbs on the 13th.

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