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VIDEO: Simon’s ‘Idol’ Legacy—His Best And Worst Calls

Simon Cowell may have just rendered the biggest judgment call of his career with his decision to bid farewell to American Idol. But what is his real legacy as a talent spotter? Before he calls in his manservants to ship his tight black shirts over to The X Factor, we decided to take a…
By: Erika Brooks Adickman / January 12, 2010

The Morning Mix: The Countdown To A Simon-Less ‘American Idol’ Begins

G'morning folks! Tonight's American Idol premiere sure is easily the most bittersweet start to a season ever. On one hand there's no Paula, and soon enough, there won't be any Simon, either. But on the other hand, we've got the audition rounds before us, typically the funniest part of the show. Ah, so…
By: Becky Bain / January 12, 2010

Simon Cowell Leaving ‘American Idol’

It's officially the end of an era, folks: just one day before the premiere of Season 9, Simon Cowell has confirmed that he will be leaving American Idol after the conclusion of this season.
By: Becky Bain / January 11, 2010

‘American Idol’ Season 9: Let The Countdown Begin

We've practiced hitting redial. We've got popcorn ready to pop. All we need is for Ryan Seacrest to intone "This. Is. American Idol!" We're armed and ready for the national gladiator match that will be Season 9, now just days away. For some, it feels like the clock has barely Tik Tok-ed forward since Kri…
By: Robbie Daw / January 8, 2010

Simon Cowell Continues Teasing The Possibility Of Leaving ‘Idol’

It feels like just yesterday we were discovering Glambert for the very first time, and yet here we are, 120 hours away from a brand-new season of American Idol. The only judges people give a damn about (sorry Randy and Kara), Simon Cowell and Ellen DeGeneres, sat down with Entertainment Weekly to dish…
By: Becky Bain / January 7, 2010

PHOTOS: 32 Things That Would Be Different Without ‘American Idol’

With Paula Abdul having departed American Idol earlier this year and rumblings of Simon Cowell possibly following suit this coming spring, the blockbuster Fox reality singing competition may never be the same after 2010. Nevertheless, Idol proved to be an omnipresent television force during the first decade of the new millennium, transforming some unknow…
By: Robbie Daw / December 29, 2009

Fox Prepares To Continue ‘American Idol’ Without Simon Cowell

We're about to find out whether Simon Cowell's ego is justified. The Fox TV network is close to extending its deal with 19 Entertainment and Fremantle Media to keep American Idol on the air through 2014 — with or without the snide British judge who helped start it all. Thumbs up or thumbs down?
By: Idolator Staff / December 24, 2009

It’s (Not Quite) Official: Simon Cowell To Leave ‘American Idol’

Uh oh. Has Ellen jumped onto a steadily sinking ship? British paper The Sun reports this morning that Simon Cowell's brother has confirmed that the American Idol judge is indeed leaving the popular Fox reality singing competition once its ninth season is over next year—a rumor that's been getting louder with each passing…
By: Robbie Daw / December 23, 2009

‘American Idol’ Changes Its Time Slot, May Soon Face ‘X Factor’ Rivalry

American Idol is changing its time slot for its ninth season, and in typical Fox fashion, the scheduling masterminds are doing pretty much everything possible to prompt a national DVR meltdown—all in the name of trying to build viewership for a couple of the network's new shows. Is Fox also preparing for the long-anticipated…
By: Becky Bain / December 21, 2009

Rage Against The Machine Bust Up ‘X Factor’ Pop Monopoly

Every year since 2005 the current winner of The X Factor has nabbed the Christmas #1 single in the U.K. But that all came to a screeching halt last week when a Facebook campaign to get Rage Against The Machine's 1992 single "Killing In The Name" to trump 2009 X Factor champ Joe…
By: Robbie Daw / December 21, 2009

Simon Cowell Invites Eminem to Judge ‘The X Factor’ Because Hey, Why Not

Simon Cowell has reportedly offered to give Eminem a guest spot on The X Factor after the disparaging comments Em made last week towards the show. Hey, it doesn't make any less sense than naming Quentin Tarantino a guest judge (and mentor) on American Idol.
By: Becky Bain / November 30, 2009

Simon Cowell Feels Very Let Down By Whoever Leaked Leona Lewis’ New Single

Earlier this week, a demo version of a Timbaland/Timberlake-helmed song performed by 2006 X Factor winner Leona Lewis called "Don't Let Me Down" leaked. An investigation into who put the track, which is supposed to be Lewis' "comeback" single, out there has been launched by the International Federation of the Phonographic Industry (IFPI). Apparently there…
By: Maura / August 19, 2009

Simon Cowell’s “Top Of The Pops” Debut: Let The “Dawg” Jokes Commence

Before Simon Cowell was an obscenely paid, tart-tongued TV personality, he was a hungry young Englishman who wanted to make it big in the music business. Which is why, in 1982, he appeared on Top Of The Pops dressed up as Wonderdog, a canine who barked along with a dance track called---what else?---"Ruff Mix." Sure,…
By: Maura / July 31, 2009

Oh Boy, Kara Is Returning To “American Idol”

In news that will probably thrill people who feel that network TV needs more incoherent, self-serving screeching, E!'s Marc Malkin is reporting that Kara DioGuardi has signed a deal to return to the televised talent competition for its ninth season. This news got me thinking about poor old Paula Abdul, who's been publicly tussling…
By: Maura / July 30, 2009

Simon Cowell To End Up Richer Than You No Matter What

Buried in a Guardian piece on Simon Cowell's plans for world entertainment domination, which he hopes to achieve through the creation of a company that will create and own TV shows in the U.S. and Europe was a tidbit about just how much the acid-tongued Brit might be paid for a season of American Idol…
By: Maura / June 30, 2009

Susan Boyle: Almost Better Than “Cats”

Susan Boyle--the British hausfrau who shocked the world by proving that people who weren't plucked and groomed within an inch of their life could make Simon Cowell swoon just because of their pipes--made her return to the UK's TV screens last night, with a performance of the Cats stalwart "Memory" in the semifinals of…
By: Maura / May 24, 2009

Formerly Wealthy Musicians Now Just Rich, Thanks To The Craptastic Economy

The Times Of London's annual Rich List has had the odd effect of proving that stars are, at their core, just like us--because they've affected by the global economic meltdown, too. Elton John's net worth? Down 26%! Tom Jones? Off 24%! In fact, only three music-related entities on the British paper's Rich List, which rank…
By: Maura / April 24, 2009

Can You Blame Simon Cowell For Maybe Wanting To Leave “American Idol”?

I came to the whole Susan Boyle thing a bit late--I think I arrived somewhere in between the backlash and the backlash to the backlash--but one thing got me about her performance of "I Dreamed A Dream" on Britain's Got Talent : She made Simon Cowell's face contort into an expression that made…
By: Maura / April 21, 2009

A Few Predictions Regarding The Imminent Season Premiere Of “American Idol”

Surely your DVRs are set for the premiere of American Idol tonight (yeah, yeah, the suits at Fox always claim that the televised pop competition is "DVR-proof," but the initial wave of bloated audition episodes, in which backstories mingle with back-stabbing, were seemingly designed for the new-wave VCRs). What will happen this season, when po…
By: Maura / January 13, 2009

“American Idol”: The Anemic Audition Turnout Takes Its Toll

The American Idol franchise has been flailing,...
By: Maura / December 1, 2008
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