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Eric Cartman Nearly Redeems “Poker Face”

I am not a fan of Lady GaGa’s ode to keeping her lack of sexual satisfaction secret by any stretch (we all remember Daughtry’s version, yes?) but… this running joke from last night’s South Park made me split my gut and almost like the track. Sadly, searching “cartman poker face” on iTunes brings up a “sorry” screen. Culture industryyyy-yyyy! [YouTube / South Park Studios; thanks for the YouTube link go to Sam Adams] More »

3734webEarlier this week I was tracking MTV’s bleep-button trigger-finger, so it seems that I should mention this: Last night marked the prime-time debut of Peaches’ 2002 stripper favorite “Fuck The Pain Away,” thanks to a jaw-dropping episode of South Park that was focused on twin outbreaks of prostitution in the cartoon Colorado town. The track didn’t reach the f-word-happy chorus, but it did manage to have the “titties” in its opening line pass without being bleeped. [South Park Studios; fairly NSFW, even though it somehow got past the censors] More »

Wiseass Waiter’s “South Park” Fandom Causes Kanye West To :\

I bet he doesn’t even like them. More »

Kanye West Likes Fish Sticks

Kanye West (or at least the computer-generated version of a construction-paper version of him) was at the center of last night’s South Park episode, in which aspiring comedian Jimmy creates the funniest joke ever, and it spreads like wildfire through the late-night talk-show circuit. The joke, which Cartman is quick to claim as his own:

“Do you like fish sticks?”
“You like to put fish sticks in your mouth?”
“What are you, a gay fish?”

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Kanye West Has Something To Say About Those “Gay Fish” Accusations

Kanye West‘s inevitable ALL CAPS response to last night’s South Park defenestration just arrived, and he’s angry…with himself. Continuing in the pattern of self-reflection that is the Kanye West of the past year, he suggests that South Park‘s skewering is the natural end result of past egotistical behavior: “AS LONG AS PEOPLE THINK I ACT LIKE A BITCH,” he wrote, “THIS TYPE OF SHIT WILL HAPPEN TO ME.” He also promises that he’s getting better!

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