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Gorilla Vs. Bear Vs. Booze Vs. The Urge To Dance Vs. Photographers

P1000041.JPGAdding to the “I’m missing everything” feeling provided by the fact that during SXSW every bar with 10 square feet of space turns itself into a temporary music venue is the ever-growing number of day parties, which are hosted by PR companies, blogs, hair products, and anyone else who wants to promote themselves along with the music they love. We gave a schedule to former Austin resident Andy Beta and let him go to town, and his first dispatch–from Gorilla Vs. Bear’s imaginatively named Gorilla Vs. Booze party–follows.

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Dubious SXSW branding opportunities, part one of an unfortunately ongoing series: “Göt2b, the hair product company, will have a barbershop on site. More »

Kirsten Ketsjer Is A Rock Band, Not A Person In A Rock Band

The Danish trio Kirsten Ketsjer The Rock Band–named, I was told, after a friend of the band who was in no way affiliated with its music–play nervy indie rock that a friend compared to their sorta-countrymen 18th Dye*. More »

So yes, I am leaving for Austin and the South By Southwest Music Festival tomorrow, and as I did last year, I’m on the lookout for any tips about secret shows, last-minute shutdowns, Stop Peter Bjorn & John-style shenanigans, and anything else that you think might be worthy of Idolator’s coverage. More »

Dear Bloggers: Does Picking On Rachael Ray Make You Feel Proud?

INTENSErachael.jpgI’ve discovered I like (at least) two things about Rachael Ray. One: the knife set my mother-in-law purchased for me this Christmas (sharptastic!). Two: That she can drop the classic “I’m way too busy for this jibber-jabber” retort on the blogger types who aren’t thrilled with her SXSW day party appearance on March 15. Hey, Brooklyn Vegan! Rachael Ray just gave you the gas face.

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Attending SXSW? A Show For You To Avoid

fightthepowertommorello.jpgIf you’re heading to SXSW next week, color me jealous-ish. Lots of bands, good. Long lines and tons of bloggers, bad. Nonetheless, may I offer a suggestion? Unless you enjoy tedious anti-war preaching from rock stars, avoid Stubbs on the 13th.

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The lineup for the South By Southwest showcase hosted by “America’s favorite cook and indie music lover” Rachael Ray–yes, it’s really happening!–has been finalized: “Join us at this merging of great food and even better music with performances by Autovaughn, The Ravonettes, The Cringe, Scissors… More »

South By Southwest 2008: Let The Bottle-Service-Fed Jerks Descend!

musick.jpgUPDATE: According to someone purporting to be No Depression’s Peter Blackstock, the press release claiming to be from the Austin “ultra lounge” Panagea and saying that people who shelled out $300 or more for bottle service at No Depression’s South By Southwest showcase would get “priority admission” was a hoax against the club. Pangaea, which opened in October 2007, referred to itself as an “ultra lounge” and did point out that “bottle service,” also known as the practice of reserving a table by overpaying for a bottle of liquor, was available when it opened. The origin of the “hoax” press release is unknown at present; the original post is below. We’d like to take a second to apologize to No Depression for basically being collateral damage in what seems to be one person’s effort to, as they say, keep Austin weird in the face of the city’s increasing smoothing-out.

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The South By Southwest Lineup: Start Practicing Your Line-Standing Poses Now

South By Southwest has released the full list of bands playing next month’s margarita-drenched festival, and the numbers add up to about 1,600 bands spread across 79 stages. More »

The Rachael Ray SXSW Party: 30-Minute Sets, Yummo Drinks

Apparently that Rachael Ray SXSW party that we thought was a joke is the real deal. Sadly, Battles will not be playing because they’re not making the SXSW trek, but according to the proprietor of Largehearted Boy the Ettes sent out a press release confirming their appearance today. More »