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Taylor Swift Invites Fans Into The ’1989′ Secret Sessions: Watch

Taylor Surprise Face
Taylor Swift Surprise Face!

Oh, to be one of the lucky Swifties invited to one of Taylor Swift‘s #1989SecretSessions!

Not already familiar? The concept is pretty amazing: Over the past year, the pop princess oh-so-sneakily scoured the Internet to find some of her biggest fans from all across the world. Then, she invited them to an undisclosed location, herded them together to mingle with one another, baked them cookies, played her new album 1989, danced around and took Polaroid pictures together all night long. For a fan, that’s kind of like the ultimate dream, right? It doesn’t really get any better.

After hosting these secret sessions all over the world, Taylor’s just now revealed the behind-the-scenes footage from the events. Watch as the clueless attendees try and guess what’s going on while she busily preps cookies in the kitchen, peeps out the window and, finally, surprises them all in a big ol’ living room. Dancing! Cats! Photos! It’s a very cute way to make fan interaction tons of fun for everyone involved. Plus, there’s cookies! Watch Taylor host her secret sessions up top. More »

Taylor Swift Unveils Bonus Track Lyric From ’1989′: View Her Instagram Post

Well isn’t Taylor Swift a sneaky one? Instead of posting the sequential fourth lyric as part of her 1989 song reveal strategy, the “Out Of The Woods” singer opted to reveal a lyric from the album’s bonus track.

The lyric, written on a torn piece of what seems to be a page out of a journal, lies on a bed of colorful roses – how lovely! It reads, One night, he wakes. Strange look on his face, pauses. Then says ‘you’re my best friend.’ And you know what it was. He is in love.” This mysterious lyric sounds like a passage from a Young Adults romance novel. But what could it all mean?

We’ll all find out when Swift’s fifth LP, 1989, drops on October 27. View the Instagram post after the jump. More »

Taylor Swift Releases Third Song Lyric From ’1989′ On Instagram

Calling all Taylor Swift fans – as promised, the singer has released another song lyric from her upcoming fifth album 1989. She revealed the ominous words on Instagram yesterday (October 15), and they go like this: “‘I say ‘I’ve heard that you’ve been out and about with some other girl’”

The lyric is written in a curving spiral format, which makes it all the more enigmatic. Could it be a part of a song that is inspired by her previous relationships, a la “Out Of The Woods” (which is rumored to be about former boy-toy Harry Styles). We’ll all find out once 1989 releases on October 27.

View the Instagram post in its entirety after the jump. More »

Taylor Swift Previews New ’1989′ Song In Kitten-Filled Diet Coke Commercial: Watch

Taylor Swift cats kittens Diet Coke ad commercial 1989 2014

Taylor Swift is full of surprises this week, and her latest is a kitten-filled delight. After premiering 1989 track “Out Of The Woods” as a buzz single on Tuesday, the country-turned-pop force appears in a brand new Diet Coke ad along with her cat Olivia and basically an army of other felines. And for those of you who can’t wait for the October 27 release of Taylor’s new album (surely there are a few?), you can hear a clip of brand new song in the commercial.

Watch Swift and her pussies above. More »

Taylor Shift Is Sharing A ’1989′ Lyric Every Day: Read The First Lyric

Is it October 27 yet? No, we’re not quite out of the woods yet — but Taylor Swift is making the wait a little easier for her Swifties, in the form of a lyrical tease for the next two weeks.

After shaking her way up to #1 with “Shake It Off” and unveiling her shimmering new 1989 jam “Out Of The Woods” yesterday, the pop princess revealed the first new lyric from her forthcoming late ’80′s pop-inspired record. More »

Taylor Swift’s “Out Of The Woods”: Review Revue

Following the release of her bouncy, hater-shaking new #1 single “Shake It Off”, ever-giving pop darling Taylor Swift has just revealed a second taste of her forthcoming late ’80′s-inspired record, 1989.

We thought the Jack Antonoff-produced electronic jam “Out Of The Woods” sees Taylor in “typical Taylor fashion” on top of an “echoing vocal sample and bed of synths.” But how did Tay Tay’s latest song fare out in the wilderness of the critics out there? Check out what everyone else had to say. More »

Taylor Swift’s “Out Of The Woods”: Listen To The Full ’1989′ Song

Taylor Swift‘s latest 1989 song to be released is “Out Of The Woods,” which – duh — is already #1 on iTunes, mere hours after it became available for purchase. (Note: Apparently it’s not the official follow-up single to “Shake It Off.”) In typical Taylor fashion, the Jack Antonoff-produced track is a lament over a past relationship, and this time around it’s supposedly One Direction‘s Harry Styles getting zinged by Swift’s lyrics. Lucky him.

“Looking at it now, last December, we were built to fall apart, and fall back together,” Taylor reminisces over an echoing vocal sample and bed of synths. Hear the full moan-fest below. More »

Taylor Swift Performs “Shake It Off” On ‘The X Factor UK’: Watch

Shake, Shake!

Taylor Swift created a dance party on stage during her performance of “Shake It Off,” on The X Factor UK yesterday (October 12). The singer, sparkling in a black sequined top and matching short-shorts, performed alongside a group of tuxedo-clad backup dancers. The ’20s-inspired design of the stage (complete with backup singers wearing flapper dresses) was a good distraction from Swift’s not-so-strong vocals.

“Shake It Off” continues to dominate the Hot 100 chart for seven straight weeks, and is currently sitting at the #2 spot. Her appearance on The X Factor UK was a part of her promotional tour for her upcoming fifth studio LP, 1989 (out on October 27). The follow-up single, “Out Of The Woods,” will be released on October 14. More »

Taylor Swift’s “Out Of The Woods”: Listen To A Preview

“Out Of The Woods” is nearly out in the open.

After teasing the name of her “Shake It Off” follow-up single via Instagram last week, 1989 singer-songstress Taylor Swift has just given us the first taste of what’s to come from “Out Of The Woods” — a track Rolling Stone suggests has to do with her ex, Harry Styles.

The teaser, which was played on this morning’s Good Morning America, runs about 20 seconds long and provides just enough of a taste of that catchy chorus: “Are we out of the woods yet? Are we out of the woods yet? Are we in the clear? Are we in the clear?” Swift chants above a propulsive, slightly ’80′s-tinged electronic pulse that recalls Tegan & Sara‘s latest LP, Heartthrob. Listen to the preview after the jump. More »

Taylor Swift Named Billboard’s Woman Of The Year…Again

It’s a great time to be Taylor Swift! For the second time, the 1989 country pop-turned-regular pop princess has been named Billboard’s Woman Of The Year.

After snagging the award in 2011, the “Shake It Off” songstress becomes the first woman ever to be picked twice for the honor by the official chart organization. The Woman Of The Year title is awarded yearly to one woman in music who “has shaped and inspired the music industry with her success, leadership and innovation over the past twelve months.”

Previous winners have included Pink (2013), Katy Perry (2012) and, of course, Taylor Swift (2011). Read on after the jump to see what they had to say about giving Tay the title once again. More »