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Vanessa Carlton Makes A Return In 2015: Listen To “Young Heart”

The singer/songwriter gives fans a taste of what’s to come on her new album! More »

MNEK Covers Vanessa Carlton’s “A Thousand Miles”: Listen

Vanessa Carlton introduced herself in 2003 with “A Thousand Miles,”the piano-driven Top 10 hit (and White Chicks favorite). For his latest remix, MNEK has done the impossible: re-imagine that song into a dance anthem for the cramped dive in the B-52s‘ “Love Shack” video. More »

Behind The Candelabra: 15 Great Piano-Driven Pop Songs

Sara Bareilles Makes “Uncharted” Music Video With The Help Of 15 Celeb Friends

Vanessa Hudgens Is Candie’s New It Girl (PHOTOS)

It seems Britney Spears will be too busy this year riding her latest tidal wave of success to continue reigning supreme as the face of Candie’s. Thus, the crown has been past to none other than Vanessa Hudgens. The High School Musical star is the latest in a long line of pop stars (including Fergie, Kelly Clarkson, Vanessa Carlton, and Ashanti) to pose for the merch line. And while she’s excited, the former Disney kid knows that she’s got big shoes to fill. “You’re a tough act to follow,” she tweeted yesterday. [Celebuzz] More »

A Plea: David Archuleta Needs To Win “American Idol”

AP080509029783.jpgDamn you, Cooksuckers! A miracle of a man is standing before you, and you’re asking for more oatmeal instead. David Cook beating David Archuleta would be the most grievous public decision since Bush beat Kerry, if not since Barabbas beat Jesus. Do you really prefer lame rock over good schmaltz? Would you rather listen to Nickelback than “Can You Feel The Love Tonight”? This is a kid that sings like James Ingram, but looks like Fievel! David Archuleta is exactly the kind of circus act that should win America’s Best Whatevs in the absence of anything genuinely enjoyable, while David Cook is Daughtry with more hair and less charisma. Sure, Cook gets teary-eyed after his performances, but while he’s singing he looks like he’d enjoy nothing more than a body-sized mirror with a hole in it. Archie, on the other hand, is squinting, panting, and crooning for you.

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Vanessa Carlton Has Roman Hands

I am not going to lie to you people: that Janet Jackson video where the guy reaches into her pants and pulls out some sort of jewelry made, uh, a big impression on me as a teenager. And this Vanessa Carlton video also spoke to me in some deep and unfathomable way. More »

How To Get From Vanessa Carlton To Ozzy In One Step

I quite enjoy Vanessa Carlton’s 2004 single “White Houses,” but I do not come to you today to debate the merits of this piano-pumping ode to the joys and terrors of losing your virginity in some jerk’s car. See, after three years I can’t really remember when I first noticed the similarity of “White Houses” to the song posted after the jump. Perhaps I was tipped off by my ’80s-obsessed boss at the record store I worked at when “White Houses” was first released? Maybe I noted the comparison being made on a clever blog or message board? Perhaps it came to me in a dream? But whenever and however, I can’t hear “White Houses” now without thinking of this:

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Vanessa Carlton Is Like BFF With Stevie Nicks

vanesscarlton-102407.jpgVanessa Carlton, of mobile piano fame, recently put out a new album on The Inc., formerly known as Murder Inc., and in a desperate ploy to get people to care about That Girl Who Sings That Song With The Video Where She Rides The Piano, label head Irv Gotti has trapped and domesticated Stevie Nicks, somehow convincing her that Vanessa Carlton is worth her time and effort. In an interview Carlton talks about the new album, that dude from Third Eye Blind, and the great and powerful Nicks.

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Liner Notes: Someone Out There Still Knows Who Vanessa Carlton Is

– Hip-hop impresario Irv Gotti signs ivory-tinkling warbler Vanessa Carlton after recognizing her as “the girl from White Chicks.” Sometimes, the jokes just write themselves. [MTV] – Two file-sharing teenagers who let their mom take the rap for their “Mmmbop”-swapping fess up, get sued. More »

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