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Ke$ha Creates Her Own NSFW Music Genre With Dr. Luke: Morning Mix

Did You Hear?

:: Ke$ha’s collaborations with Dr. Luke and Benny Benassi have apparently given birth to an entire new genre of music. One we can’t talk about without using asterisks, if you know what we mean. [Twitter]

:: Is it just us, or has J-Lo suddenly… um, “let herself go”? Ah,  wait — that’s just her (male) stunt double. [Pink Is The New Blog]

:: It only took… let’s see… about five minutes for rumors of animosity between Brit boy bands The Wanted and One Direction to crop up. [ONTD]

:: Popdust may very well have found 2012′s answer to Rebecca Black’s “Friday” in Yasha Swag’s wretched (but curiously mesmerizing) “Go Go Go” video. But honestly, does it sound that different from your average Black Eyed Peas tune? [Popdust]

:: Courtney Love is angry at the Muppets for “raping” Kurt Cobain. If that doesn’t put hilarious/disturbing visuals in your head, then we salute you. [Huffington Post]

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