Kool Keith May Be Crazy, But He’s Not Crazy About His New Album

Brian Raftery | September 28, 2006 1:47 am

If it weren’t for Coolfer, we never would have found today’s fascinating East Bay Express article about how the new Kool Keith Album, The Return Of Dr. Octagon, isn’t a real Kool Keith album at all. but a hodge-podge of old vocal tracks and new instrumentals, all cobbled together by a long-distance group of producers and passed off by a label and a publicity firm as the real deal (it’s unclear how many people were aware that the album was a sham). The reporter even managed to track down the man himself:

He did do some vocals that would become the tracks “Trees,” “Ants,” and “Aliens,” he confirmed, but added, “I did the record four or five years ago and haven’t spoken to them for, like, three years. … It’s been a total shock to me. It was one of the most craziest things in my musical career”…

“This ain’t the record I did,” Keith says. “It was totally new music. I was really pissed off about people wanting me to go out and tour and do these songs.”

He’s not so pissed, though, that he wants to retire from the music-biz altogether. In fact, he has great name for his next record: Voice Of The Baboons. By the way, you can read the completely misleading press statement from World’s Fair Records–the management-marketing-label-whatever entity that helped pimp this thing–here.

Kool Keith CD Scam Exposed [East Bay Express]