Finally, A Band Unafraid Of Global Warming, Penguins

noah | October 5, 2006 6:39 am

Here’s South Jersey’s Velvet Crayon, which its MySpace calls “a one-man-band fronted by Erik Paluszak.” Paluszak–who’s celebrating a birthday today–is in a wheelchair, and he plays electric guitar, drum machine and harmonica at his live shows. Velvet Crayon’s first CD is available for free, and it includes the online-only track “Eskimos Hate Penguins,” which does, we must admit, have a surprising stickiness and a few great lines: “Elliott Smith once told me/to lay off that [unintelligible]/stick with whiskey/I’m fucking wasted/being chased by a penguin.” Paluszak goes on to discuss global warming, yellow snow, and the perils of masturbating in an igloo.

Velvet Crayon – Eskimos Hate Penguins [MP3, link expired] Velvet Crayon, s/t [SoundClick] Velvet Crayon [MySpace]

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