‘Hey, It’s Enrico Palazzo!’: Can You Predict St. Louis’ World Series Warbler?

noah | October 20, 2006 1:53 am

Now that the World Series is set to be an all-Midwestern affair (sigh), it’s time to prepare for new inductees to our “Hey, It’s Enrico Palazzo!” Hall of Fame. Major League Baseball announced yesterday that the Detroit-raised Bob Seger and Anita Baker would be performing prior to Games 1 and 2 (although Seger will sing “America the Beautiful,” not the national anthem), and to further increase this year’s Midwestern bona fides, Indiana’s own John Mellencamp will sing his craptastic Chevrolet song before Game 2. We’re waiting to see which St. Louis-area native will be the featured entertainment before Game 3, and we have a few ideas. Alas, only one of them has the potential to be truly great:

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