Jay-Z’s New Favorite Champagne: A Bunch Of Marketing Fizz?

noah | October 20, 2006 2:11 am

Hiphopgame.com contributor TaMèreEnSlip, a French native, smelled something fishy when he heard about Armand de Brignac, the allegedly high-end champagne endorsed by Jay-Z in his clip for”Show Me What You Got.” The company that distributes the gold-bottled bubbly claims that no product placement was involved, but TaMèreEnSlip wasn’t convinced–nor was he convinced that the brand had even existed before this year. So he did some digging–including that old standby of Internet sleuthery, checking domain-name registration records:

A quick ‘Whois’ lookup shows the creation dates of their .com domain names: Armanddebrignac.com, Creation Date: 14-Oct-2006

… you know, last Saturday. (Man, do we love it when people get Net-geeky.) There’s much more, including interviews with champagne makers that allegedly share home turf with Armand de Brignac; as you might expect, they are not very pleased.

Jay-Z and Champagne [hiphopgame.com, via Nah Right]