Guy Who Mumbled A Lot In Shop Class Returns To Trumpet His Middling Rock-Star Success

Brian Raftery | October 27, 2006 4:15 am

The Matablog alerted us to this Boston Globe item about Staind lead singer (and sad lil’ bear) Aaron Lewis’ upcoming gig at his Massachusetts high school. Since we are trying to break into the hipper, younger, heavily armed 18-and-under demographic, we’d love if one of the Longmeadow High School students at the show could send us a review. We’d are also interested in hearing from some of Lewis’ classmates about what he was like at that age: Did he imitate Eddie Vedder every day, or only some days? Did he get in trouble for dropping the last vowel from all of his proper nouns? That kind of stuff.

Aaron Lewis, Loyal Alum [Boston Globe]