Breaking: Hardcore Kids Apparently Still Doing The Monster Mosh

Brian Raftery | November 1, 2006 12:56 pm

We have no idea how old this clip is or what the hell it all means–the URL listed at the end isn’t working–but it appears to be footage from some sort of no-holds-barred moshing competition. You read that right: A moshing competition, one in which a parade of spazzoids kick, spin and endlessly punch the air, sort of like when Butthead used to do his little “More Human Than Human” dance. It’s sort of heart-warming to see people moved by the music, however clownish that movement might be, and so we ask: Any recent mosh-pit sightings? We honestly haven’t seen behavior like this in a long time, but then again, we missed the Madball reunion.

if you really want to liven this footage up, replace the music with your own anachronistic soundtrack–like, say, a chorus of cats singing Christmas carols. Or Ray Stevens. Or the Benny Hill theme. Anything’s better than the eastern-Pennsylvania hardcore music that’s already on there.

Mosh2 [YouTube]