Listening Station: The Magic Numbers Go For “Brokes”

Brian Raftery | November 7, 2006 9:59 am

Even though the Magic Numbers’ new album, Those The Brokes, was released yesterday in the U.K., those of us in the States will apparently have to wait a while to hear it, as a U.S. date has yet to be announced. That’s a shame: Judging by these two songs on Neiles Life, the Numbers aren’t straying too far from the jubilant, all-hands-on-deck ’60s pop of last year’s self-titled debut. Come on, Capitol! Put this shit out already. It’s way better than the caterwauling junkie you just signed.

The Magic Numbers – Take A Chance [MP3, link expired] The Magic Numbers – This Is A Song [MP3, link expired] The Magic Numbers [Official Site]