Idolator Presents: The Most Depressing Screen-Grab You Will Ever See

Brian Raftery | November 7, 2006 5:05 am

Look, we realize we traffic in meaningless bullshit–heck, on days like today, we downright revel in it. And we make no apologies for that: After all, a kid’s gotta eat. And he’s gotta make lots of lackwit jokes about Jefferson Starship and while doing it.

But we’ve always believed in a church-and-state separation between hard news (like, say, the possible reshuffling of the 109th Congress) and easy, breezy gossip items (like, say, this). So when we saw the just-replenished front page of, we felt down-to-our-belly depressed, like Eeyore at a hospice. Please, CNN: Don’t make Britney, Borat and Faith Hill more important than everything else that’s going on in the world right now. We’re more than happy to handle the middlebrow stupid stuff; that’s what we’re good at. But you guys are supposed to be smarter, and if you keep this crap up, we’re going to have an entire generation of Hiltonheads who know more about male back-up dancers than they do about the founding fathers.

Okay, enough of that. Tomorrow on Whatever happened to Kajagoogoo?

Mudhoney – Flat Out Fucked [MP3, link expired]