Listening Station: The Odds Are Pretty Good That You’ll Like The Evens

Brian Raftery | November 8, 2006 11:29 am

Fugazi’s Ian MacKaye doesn’t like to pimp himself out too much–his Dischord Records label refuse to do a lot of flashy ads or viral-marketing brand-management schemes or whathaveyou–so we barely got a heads-up about the new album from the Evens, an acoustic-punk duo that MacKaye formed a few years back with the Warmers’ Amy Farina. After listening to Get Evens non-stop yesterday, all we can say is: Damn, Ian! This record’s great, and it’s time to get a street team or something. Quiet, self-righteous modesty is so 1995.

The Evens – Everybody Knows [MP3, link expired] The Evens – You Fell Down [MP3, link expired] The Evens [MySpace]