Idolator Asks: Were You The Person Who Bought Ron Artest’s Album?

noah | November 9, 2006 11:15 am

According to SoundScan, the Sacramento Kings’ Ron Artest sold one–that’s right, one*–copy of his album, My World, in its first week on the shelves. The XXL columnist who pointed out this statistic is calling for a SoundScan recount, but we’d like to launch a search for this person. So, consider this a call for the biggest Artest fan in America to step forward. We have a lot of questions, and many of them start with the word “why.”

*UPDATE: SoundScan glitched, and Artest actually sold 343 albums–which may sound better on first blush, until you remember that he moved about 5% of Kevin Federline’s first-week total. Now, we’re wondering if there’s anyone out there who bought both those albums.

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