Kevin Federline: Just One More Item, And We Can All Move On

Brian Raftery | November 10, 2006 7:00 am

In what will probably be Kevin Federline’s best piece of press all week–and, we swear, our last mention of this ferret-eyed nincompoop forever–The Smoking Gun has published his tour rider. And we’re pretty sure who helped him write it up:

One (1) bottle of Jack Daniels One (1) bottle of Grey Goose vodka Beer?? Two (2) Packs of Marlboro cigarettes (1 red/1 light) One (1) Bag Of Doritos (Regular or Cool Ranch flavors)

Note that he doesn’t include any over-the-top jimmy-hat requests, proving once and for all that he’s not a real rapper.

Anyway, this list takes us back to the old days, when Kevin and Britney were still together, and he would sit in the grotto and call out: “Hey girl, is ‘beer’ spelled with one question mark, or two?”

Backstage With Kevin Federline [The Smoking Gun]