Blogsmacked: Music Bloggers In “Limited Influences” Shocker

noah | November 28, 2006 4:03 am

– No matter what band you’re thinking of, there’s someone out there who thinks it sounds like My Bloody Valentine. [Merry Swankster] – VH1, please hire this guy: “I think an all female hip hop version of ‘Starting Over’ could be worth a shot. Walk with me now. Trina, Lil’ Kim, Eve, Foxy Brown, Khia, and Remy Ma living together under one roof in the projects seeking counseling and support from a team of life coaches.” [Crunk + Disorderly] – There’s a group of hip-hop preteens who think that Jibbs’ “Chain Hang Low” is a ripoff of a song they wrote four years ago–and they’ve even recorded a diss track. [33jones] – Do Jay-Z’s astronomical first-week sales mean he’s the Joe Lieberman of hip-hop? [Status Ain’t Hood]