Glenn Danzig Has Some Choice Words About Glenn Danzig

Brian Raftery | November 29, 2006 1:45 am

Once we saw Stylus’ essay on Glenn Danzig cover songs, we knew it was time to get in touch with our the man himself, just to see what he thought of the tracks. From Glenn’s secret lair in Taco City, Ariz., we received this email:


first things first–i know this isnt your thing, but have you watched grays anatomy? i dont like the show that much anymore…too much mcdreamy, not enough mcplot, haha…but they have had some good songs on there this season, like the fray and snow patrol and the fray, and i wanna send them a copy of a my new album, “standing in the back of the succubus” got any leads?

anyway, about the misfits cover songs. i listened once before my thinkbook crashed but i thought that: – papa johns; cover of “last caress” = so depressing. its about killing babies and raping moms–make it zesty, poppy! – lemonheads: cover of “skulls” = i dont like girl singers that much, and this is no different. – johnny cash: “thirteen” = i wrote this for johnny a long time ago. we had met at a bolo-tie convention–seagal was there, doing an acoustic set–and really hit it off. they didnt invite me to be in that new music video with justin timberFAKE and boNO, so they can all go screw in katmandu

thats all for now. getting cold in the T city, and the missus needs help making these anoraks for our two weenear(sp?) dogs

still dancing with the stars, gd

The Stypod: Covering Danzig [Stylus]

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