Stuck At Eleven: Andrew WK Will Cut You If You Call Him Andy

noah | December 21, 2006 10:20 am

Compiling a year-end Top 10 list means making plenty of painful nips, tucks, and tweaks. And so, after preparing our Jackin’ Pop singles lists, we present “Stuck At Eleven,” a daily look at the songs that came thisclose to making the final cut.

Andrew WK’s Close Calls With Brick Walls still isn’t out in the States yet–it’s available only in Japan, and it’s unclear when, if at all, it’s going to be released on these shores–but the album made its way to us via the Internet, and we found ourselves idly singing the chorus of “Don’t Call Me Andy” on more than one occasion. It probably shouldn’t be surprising that the man who penned wall-of-sound odes to beautiful girls and partying hard could channel Phil Spector in such a spot-on way; we can’t wait to see Andrew-not-Andy perform this song live, if only to see how the mosh pit reacts.

Andrew WK – Don’t Call Me Andy [MP3, link expired] Andrew WK [MySpace]