On The Flippity-Flop: The Afghan Whigs Have A Rough Night Out

noah | January 30, 2007 3:18 am

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ARTIST: The Afghan Whigs SONG: “Miles Iz Ded” FIRST APPEARANCE: Turn On The Water EP, 1/92 WHY IT SHOULD HAVE BEEN AN A-SIDE: “Miles Iz Ded” was all over the Afghan Whigs’ last few Sub Pop releases, although it was only mentioned by name once; the song was an untitled bonus track on Congregation, and it was remixed and retitled “Rebirth Of The Cool” for the Uptown Avondale EP. But it always deserved its day in the sun: It’s a towering, bleak track, and its very NSFW video echoes its last-call despair. It’s one of the band’s best songs by far, and we’re flabbergasted that it won’t appear on the Whigs’ forthcoming retrospective–come on, there’s no way it isn’t better than “66.”

Afghan Whigs – Miles Iz Ded [MP3, link expired] ANOTHER CURIOUS OMISSION: Afghan Whigs – Can’t Get Enough Of Your Love Babe [MP3, link expired]

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