Guest Editor, Take the Wheel

idolguest2 | February 1, 2007 8:48 am

With one of your Idolator editors out on a Lindsay Lohan-style break due to exhaustion, I’ll be filling in for the day, embarrassing myself and, possibly, the Idolator institution in the process. My name is Dan Gibson, and you may be familiar with my occasionally witty banter in the comments section of this fine site. I have no blog to plug, but I hope my experience in the trenches managing an indie record store, working for the distribution arm of a major label, and snagging a come-from-behind victory on Rock and Roll Jeopardy (not simultaneously) have prepared me for the busy news day ahead. My posts are tagged with my name, so feel free to let out your frustration at not being selected for this prestigious gig in the comments.

Morrissey – Do Your Best And Don’t Worry [MP3, link expired]