Beatles’ Digital Catalog Coming To Many Digital-Music Services Near You

noah | February 12, 2007 11:30 am

Fox News is reporting that the Beatles catalog, one of the last digital holdouts, will be available online soon, but Apple Corps head Neil Aspinall let it drop that any scuttlebutt about the reissues being an iTunes exclusive is incorrect:

But now Aspinall says that when the Beatles songs do get put on the Internet officially, “it will be on all the services, not just one.” So all the Beatles songs will be found on iTunes, Rhapsody, etc. That’s very “PC” of him!

Actually, iTunes is cross-platform, and … oh, right. This report’s on, where every writer is contractually obligated to haul out the years-old “political correctness” joke once every three months. Anyway, we’re sure this agnosticism is being adapted in part because EMI can’t afford to turn away any potential customers; we can’t help but wonder, though, if these 13 rereleases will also serve as EMI’s MP3 guinea pigs. Sure, it would be a huge gamble, but it would also serve as a test of users’ willingness to pay for unprotected copies of songs they already have an affection for–and might be able to easily get for free, if they look in the right places.

Beatles Ready for Legal Downloading Soon [Fox News, via Coolfer]

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