Yet Another Trucked-Up Story About Glenn Danzig

Brian Raftery | February 12, 2007 4:16 am

Long-time Danzig devotees will remember that the former Misfits singer’s tour truck was stolen last fall, shortly after a gig at Los Angeles’ Wiltern Theatre. As it turns out, conducted an interview with Danzig tourmate (and Type O Negative member) Kenny Hickey, who revealed what happened on that fateful California night. After the click-through, a wondrous tale of auto theft, high-speed chase, and some seriously wrong-headed management decisions. It’s a little long, but it’s worth the trip.

KNAC.COM: Any fun stories about touring with the man himself?

HICKEY: Touring with the man himself? Yeah! The last show got cancelled. You know why the last show got cancelled? Glenn fired… who did he fire? He fired the monitor-guy. So… he had the truck-driver take over. (laughs)

KNAC.COM: That sounds kinda funny…

HICKEY: So the truck-driver ended up being the monitor guy. He mixes one show at the Wiltern, right? And after the show, the show goes great, and Glenn goes, “Yeah, the monitors were great!” So- now I gotta go into the next room to change because there’s too many people in the dressing room, right? So I’m starting to change, and there’s the truck-driver-slash-monitor-guy, doin’ a big line of cocaine… (laughs)

KNAC.COM: (laughs)

HICKEY: He goes, “You want some?” And I’m, like, “No, thanks.” And so I got dressed and left. Well, it turns out, the guy goes on a binge and fuckin’ steals the truck! (laughs) Okay?

KNAC.COM: (laughs)

HICKEY: And now- later- I’m sleepin’ through all of this, but I get the story second-hand, right? So they’re searchin’ for the truck all over Hollywood. With the bus. Searchin’ all over Hollywood. AND THEY FIND HIM! (laughs) They spot the truck – and it’s parked- like on the side of the road! And he’s sees them- he sees the bus comin’ and he takes off again!

KNAC.COM: (laughs) You’re following him in the tour bus?

HICKEY: Right! Chasin’ him like a fuckin’ cop chase! The bus is chasin’ the truck driver who’s on a gak-binge and stole the truck! So then- they find him- they catch up and they find the truck again- it’s parked. Near this group of hotels, there’s like three or four hotels, so they start checkin’ every hotel, right? These two tour managers, two big guys. So finally, they go over to one hotel- and they see him there- checkin’ in! And they just walk up to him and deck him in the face! Get the keys from his pocket… and of course the guy gets fired. it was fuckin’ insane! So now- it was too late to get, anyway, to the next show. So the last show got cancelled. So I wake up at eleven thirty in the morning- they wake me up- “You’re goin’ home!” And I’m like, “Whaddya mean I’m goin’ home?” And they go, “You’re goin’ home-you’re on the plane at two o’clock in the afternoon, that’s it, kid!” Friggin’ two o’clock in the afternoon in my dirty underwear, I’m on a plane! And that’s how the tour ended!

Before you ask: We bought the movie rights to this interview about fifteen minutes ago.

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