Tila Tequila Keeps It Real

Brian Raftery | March 14, 2007 4:30 am

We don’t usually regurgitate press releases, but the words “Tila Tequila” and “decadent pool party” are seen together so rarely these days:

Internet queen Tila Tequila hits the hoooka on March 14, 2007 when her debut single “I Love U” and accompanying music video become available for sale on a unique online store that that lets artists and fans customize their own playlists and share, sell, and stream music, videos, and photos online. Fans can create their own hoooka, add Ms. Tequila’s new single and video for “I Love U,” and make 10% of everything they sell – which can add up considering the Queen of MySpace’s first video reached the #1 position on iTunes.

Next up, the hoooka will exclusively provide fans with a VIP pass to Tila Tequila’s private party in Miami to be held during the upcoming Winter Music Conference. Tila will preside over a decadent pool party at a fabulously tucked-away Miami mansion with celebrities, fellow revelers, and friends. Interviews and event coverage can only be viewed online via the hoooka beginning March 26.

“I’m independent and in charge of my own destiny,” says Tila. “My fans got me here, not a million dollar marketing campaign. Hooking up with the hoooka means everyone can hear and share my music, plus be a part of my success. I don’t want a big record label telling me what to do – and my fans want to hear things that are new, and fresh, and REAL.”

Indeed, if Tila’s musical career is based on anything, it’s her all-caps realness. She’s so real, in fact, that when you ask her at the pool party why her single has already slipped out of iTunes singles chart, or why her “D.I.Y.” marketing campaign requires a publicist, or why the hell a website would call itself “hoooka,” she won’t even bat an eye! Assuming she can actually still bat her eyes.