Tila Tequila Still Can’t Sell Her Music

noah | March 20, 2007 10:20 am

Tila Tequila’s MySpace “celebrity” may get her a table at Nobu, but it hasn’t translated into music sales yet:

Tila Tequila has the most friends on MySpace with nearly 1.7 million, but that popularity has not yet translated into meaningful iTunes purchases. According to data relayed by media tracking firm BigChampagne, the Tequila single, “I Love U,” has delivered a lackluster performance so far. In a conversation with Digital Music News on Monday, BigChampagne chief executive Eric Garland pointed to iTunes sales volumes that were “in the thousands,” though exact figures were not disclosed. Since its release in late February, the single has failed toTila Tequila cross into the top 50, though it did break the top 100 barrier shortly after its release.

And things don’t look like they’re going to get much easier for Tequila, whose attempt to sell music through her MySpace page has been shut down by the social-networking site, thanks to her decision to use the stupidly named widget Hoooka. MySpace has banned the widget from the site, and Tila is not too pleased, as this blog entry–which is on her Comic Sans-intensive non-MySpace site–shows:

… The reason why I am so bummed out about Myspace now is because recently they have been cutting down our freedom and taking away our rights slowly. I feel like they’ve become so corporate now and won’t even allow me to do fun stuff on my page anymore such as post up cool new widgets from other websites. Myspace will now only allow you to use “MYSPACE” things and that means you can not find other ways to promote yourself. In other words….you’re just stuck here and only here. I feel really sad about this. I feel like slowly our freedom to promote is being taken away, the bigger and more corporate this website has become. Myspace recently asked me to take down all of the things on my page that doesn’t invloved just “Myspace”…but it never used to be that way. I am really sad. I feel like they are turning against me like Friendster did…but I hope that is not the case.If Myspace decides to delete my page due to me having other cool stuff up such as my “Hooka” feature, or other embedded video’s that I have recorded…then so be it. I’m just really bummed how everything has changed so much. Sooo after writing this…who knows if they will delete my page but that would be really messed up because I have done so much on here and I have such a HUGE presence on Myspace. So one day if you log on and my page is gone…well….you’ll know that they sold me out but don’t worry… I will never go away. You will always be able to find me somewhere, somehow….always.With that said…I hope Tom and the Myspace team gets to read this and try to take this into consideration. Myself and my millions of “friends” on Myspace has been so loyal and Myspace would not be where they are today if it were not for “US” so please I ask you guys….don’t sell out on us now. You guys used to be so cool. Don’t turn into a corporate evil monster. We are all just trying to make a living one way or another so don’t take that away from us.Thank you and I have always been loyal to Myspace and Always will be. I love Myspace, and I am still a Myspace addict today! I just wish that I didn’t have to take down a lot of things on my page that are not “MYSPACE RELATED”…there are billions of people out there…There will always be competing websites but nobody will ever be as big as Myspace so I just hope that they know there can still be room for the little guys…..anyway…I love you everyone and thanks for listening. LoveTila

Whew. Well, at least we know she’s serious. One question, though: Why didn’t she post this on her MySpace blog, where people might, you know, actually read it?

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