Listening Station: Mikrofisch Has No Hope For The Next Generation

noah | March 29, 2007 3:55 am

Today’s entry in cranky old-person music that you can dance to comes from the Euro duo Mikrofisch, whose frowny emoticon at the state of the indie-rock nation, “The Kids Are All Shite,” has a bargain-basement beat and a pretty neat zinger derived from twisting an Arctic Monkeys chorus into a tight grimace. We can’t help but think that they’ll have a lot to discuss with these guys, although Mikrofisch’s whole “twee-rave” self-appellation might get their conversation off to an awkward start.

Mikrofisch – The Kids Are All Shite [MP3, link expired]Mikrofisch [MySpace] Earlier: Videodrone: Thou Shalt Remember That Your Favorite Band Is Just A Band