Glenn Danzig’s Wrath Of ‘Khan

Brian Raftery | April 3, 2007 4:44 am

This morning, we received a press release regarding Glenn Danzig’s upcoming Lost Tracks Of Danzig collection, and because the email was nearly 1,000 words long, we only just now scrolled down to its best bit:

Fans will also find…the controversial “White Devil Rise,” which was recorded for 1994’s “Danzig 4” and is Glenn’s conjecture as to what would happen if Louis Farrakhan incited the passive white race to rise up against and start a race war with the Black Islamic movement.

Two thoughts: First, “Glenn’s Conjecture” will certainly be the name of our next Misfits cover band (or, barring that, our next Misifts debate team). And secondly, think of all the problems that could have been solved had Danzig decided to treat the world to “White Devil Rules” thirteen years ago, as he originally intended? All of the world’s racism could finally have been banished! Either that, or he would have been kidnapped while on tour in 1995 and sent to a remote brain-washing clinic, never to be heard from again. Both options are lookin’ good from where we stand.