Solving The “Veronica Mars” Alt-Rock Riddle

Brian Raftery | May 9, 2007 9:51 am

On last night’s episode of Veronica Mars–still on! At least for now–Paul Rudd played Desmond Fellows, a washed-up ’90s rocker who’s boozing his way through the campus-concert circuit. Because Mars is a show seemingly made by and for music nerds, we’re guessing the character was based on someone famous; the only problem is that we can’t figure out just who it’s supposed to be. Among the character’s tell-tale characteristics:

– Played in the fictional mid-’90s power-pop duo My Pretty Pony, a one-hit wonder band that sounded a lot like the Rembrandts. – Still depressed about his partner’s alcohol-induced death. – Picks up women online. – Drinks a lot. Also likes the pills. – Looks rumpled–but because it’s Paul Rudd, he’s adorably rumpled. – Coasts by on back-catalog songs and backing tracks without playing anything new. – Skinny-dips. – Doesn’t like to talk about the Beatles’ influence on his music.

Oh, who are we kidding? Those are the defining characteristic of just about every musician to ever get a clip on 120 Minutes during its Clinton-era heyday. We’re going to go with an amalgamation of Courtney Love, Matthew Sweet and this guy we once saw perform with Of Montreal.

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