Tomorrow’s New Releases Revealed Today

noah | May 14, 2007 5:15 am

Welcome to On The Shelf, Idolator’s weekly look at new releases hitting store shelves on Tuesday. Like it or not, the big album coming out tomorrow is Linkin Park’s 98% rap-free effort, Minutes to Midnight; after the jump, we give that album a once-over, along with new efforts from Wilco, Megadeth, Gretchen Wilson, and Rufus Wainwright.

Linkin Park, Minutes To MidnightThe artist: Rap-rock stalwarts looking to break free from the first half of the decade … by looking like the Strokes. The sound: Less rap, more moaning, same quotient of not-very-good.The first in line: The few. The proud. The people who still listen to modern rock radio.

Wilco, Sky Blue SkyThe artist: Elder statesmen who still manage to remain scruffy. The sound: A long, divisive ride back to the early ’70s album-rock era. The first in line: Mailing list subscribers (at least, the band hopes so).

Megadeth, United AbominationsThe artist: Premier shredder Dave Mustaine and his latest band of hired hands. The sound: Heavy riffing and New World Order ranting. The first in line: Diehard fans hoping for a return to Rust In Peace form (and who almost, almost get it).

Gretchen Wilson, One Of The BoysThe artist: Dirt-kicking lass who wears her redneck-woman status proudly. The sound: Whiskey-filled, but melancholy–like those 30 minutes between last call and the bar shutting down. The first in line: Cowgirl tomboys who like to shoot whiskey, pool, and the shit.

Rufus Wainwright, Release The StarsThe artist: Just your everyday gay messiah. The sound: Pomp-filled pop orchestrated in part by the Pet Shop Boys’ Neil Tennant. The first in line: Drama club kids.

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