The Cover-Song Showcase Showdown: It’s Time For The Jellyfish Comeback

noah | May 15, 2007 12:45 pm

The current No. 1 single in the UK is a double A-side by the British boy band McFly (whose existence we actually were reminded of the other night during an insomnia-spawned viewing of the not-very-good Lindsay Lohan vehicle Just My Luck), and one of those A-sides is a sunshiny-bright take on “Baby’s Coming Back,” originally by the criminally underexposed ’90s outfit Jellyfish. While we’re happy that “Back” scribe Andy Sturmer is finally getting his pop-genius due on the charts, we’re curious as to which version of the song our readers would rather hear blaring from their local radio stations this summer:

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McFly, Arctic Monkeys Rule UK Charts [Billboard]