Stuck On Repeat: The Song That Will Be On A Thousand Fashionistas’ Lips This Summer

noah | May 25, 2007 9:30 am

Those of you in New York and Los Angeles (and those of you who look at lots of paparazzi photos) have probably heard of Pinkberry, the frozen dessert that is apparently low enough in calories for starlets to devour Cap’n Crunch-covered cups of it without feeling too much of an urge to purge. What we didn’t know was that Lady Tigra, formerly of the “Cars That Go Boom”* lovers L’Trimm, had composed an ode to the stuff. While it’s not as brash as “Boom,” it does have a laid-back-pop-radio feel that was, no doubt, designed to make waiting in a long line on a steamy day that much easier:

The Lady Tigra – Pinkberry [MP3, link expired; via I Love Music] The Lady Tigra [MySpace]

* We seem to have misplaced our MP3 of “Cars That Go Boom,” which is a very bad thing; if you happen to have one, please send it to to the usual address. Go here.