Jane, Stop This Crazy Thing

idolguest2 | May 31, 2007 8:45 am

Hello, I’m Jess Harvell. I don’t own a home computer at the moment. I can’t “work an RSS feed.” I have never knowingly looked at Stereogum. I don’t have cable. My knowledge of pop culture these days is almost entirely down to what one of the editors of this site copies and pastes to me in IM chats. I write for your mortal enemy Pitchfork for the beer money. I’m an editor at a great alt-weekly and couldn’t care less about the industry’s machinations or its slow collapse into complete irrelevance. I think Idolator’s slogan is pretty lame. Nice to be with you.

I was going to do some more MS Paintings for this guest editorship, but do you know what they’re paying me?