Glastonbury Ticket Reseller Is Looking For Someone Who Loves Rocky Road, Chunk

noah | June 19, 2007 4:04 am

This year’s Glastonbury Festival, which takes place this weekend in the UK, has tickets that are stamped with the bearer’s photo in an effort to sidestep scalpers. What this has resulted in people who can’t attend the festival for reasons unrelated to price-gouging attempting to unload their tickets on eBay. The ads all have descriptions of the sellers–brunette with blue eyes, slightly receding hair–attached to them, making the whole enterprise part StubHub, part Nerve. One ad in particular caught our eye, if only because we’re thinking that replicating this ID photo will require a very adept glam squad:


According to the listing, the seller’s a Fratellis fan, but we have to admit that we’re a bit suspect on that particular point. Wouldn’t there be some residual bitterness there?

GLASTONBURY 2007 TICKET [, via Guardian Unlimited Arts Blog]