Super Furry Animals Go To “Venus”

Brian Raftery | June 29, 2007 10:00 am

ARTIST: Super Furry AnimalsTITLE: Hey VenusWEB DEBUT: June 27, 2007RELEASE DATE: August 27th, 2007 (U.K.)SOUND QUALITY: 191 kbpsONE-LISTEN VERDICT: For starters, it’s the leanest SFA album in recent memory, barely making it past the half-hour mark–not a bad move, considering the the band’s fondness for studio overindulgence. And while many of the tracks bring to mind ’60s-songbook pop (“Show Your Hand” sounds like it was recorded in a kooky lab in the basement of the Brill Building), there’s still plenty of Welsh weirdness, such as the giddy “Baby Ate My Eightball.” Shame about the album cover, though.WHERE TO FIND THE BEST TRACK: Unfortunately, “Eightball” isn’t blogged anywhere yet, but the equally upbeat “Neo Consumer” is over at Sound Bites.