Guest-Blogger Bursts Through Idolator Bubble’s Admittedly Shaky Walls

idolguest3 | July 3, 2007 8:47 am

Although I, Reed Fischer, have been mostly “lurking” on Idolator during the past year, Maura’s letting me into the bubble on the eve of our country’s birth. I’ll try to belt out my narratives like this guy, but who knows what’ll happen. This is the closest thing to a blog I’ve ever attempted. With everyone checking out today at about noon, I’m confident that my fill-in today will do little to tarnish this great American symbol of music opinion and discussion.

More about me: I thought it would be a good idea to intern at two New York-based music magazines, CMJ and FADER, at the same time a couple of years ago. It was like trying to date two music savants at the same time, but one had much pricier sneakers, and after several months sneaking between the two offices in Chelsea it was clear that we were all just better off as friends. My writing has appeared in both publications, and at Also, I’m practically the only person in my musical family who isn’t out trying to do this.