Ted Nugent Not A Fan Of Jann Wenner’s Pro-1967 Propaganda Campaign

idolguest3 | July 3, 2007 4:45 am

Ted Nugent probably won’t get Love Grenade on the cover of a future Rolling Stone with “The Summer Of Drugs,” found in today’s Wall Street Journal. We could have reprinted any bit–Nuge is at his verbose worst throughout–but we went with this one:

So now, 40 years later, there are actually people who want to celebrate the anniversary of the Summer of Drugs. Hippies are once again descending on ultra-liberal San Francisco — a city that once wanted to give shopping carts to the homeless — to celebrate and try to remember their dopey days of youth when so many of their musical heroes and friends long ago assumed room temperature by “partying” themselves to death. Nice.

While I salute and commend the political and cultural activism of the 1960s that fueled the civil rights movement, other than that, the decade is barren of any positive cultural or social impact. Honest people will remember 1967 for what is truly was.

Shopping carts to the homeless?! How else did Ted expect them to take part in the new, exciting consumer frontier that awaited all boomers? At least they weren’t offering homes to those sacks.

The Summer of Drugs [WSJ — registration required]