Taiwan Hoping To Ride Ozzfest’s Crazy Train Into The UN

noah | July 5, 2007 3:36 am

The Taiwanese symphonic-doom metal outfit ChthoniC will be hitting the road on this summer’s free-to-all-comers Ozzfest, and it’s planning to stump for its home country along the way:

As far back as 1973, Taiwan has applied under the name “Republic of China” and every time China, a nation with a veto vote that considers the island as part of China, blocks the island’s application. Instead of repeating the failed strategies of the past, Taiwan’s government is planning a referendum next year to apply for UN membership under the name “Taiwan.” …

The Ozz is supporting the US leg of the world tour of Taiwanese goth-rock band ChthoniC, who will be the musical ambassadors of the next Taiwanese push to join the UN. ChthoniC will tour 80 cities in America, Canada, Britain and Germany over the next 5 months in an effort to spread the pro-UN message with literature passed out at shows and a large tour bus with a pro-UN slogan. ChthoniC has even written a song appealing to the UN to let Taiwan in.

The track, “UNlimited Taiwan,” is streaming from the band’s MySpace page (lyrics are here), and it should help sway the vote of any pro-shredding delegates, or at least those who have kids who are really into Static-X.

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