Dear “Stereogum Readers”: Stop Spamming Us About Dan Deacon

jharv | July 18, 2007 4:30 am

Today we have recieved multiple emails from watchful street teamers tipsters alerting us to a friggin’ link Stereogum posted on friggin’ Monday to a pretty embarrassing interview in Ignore Magazine with Baltimore electroni-cat Dan Deacon that features hiiiii-larious inquiries like “How do you prefer to pronounce Garnier Fructus? I like to say Garnaaaay Fruteeese.” The interview is useful only because it so accurately captures what it feels like for a musician to be trapped backstage while being pestered with inane questions from a twentysomething doof convinced he’s the funniest thing in girl jeans at his local liberal arts college. As for us needing to “get on the Deacon train,” dudes, we are way ahead of you.