“Idol” Tour Merchandisers Lose Out On Potential Revenue From Sanjaya Wigs And T-Shirts

noah | July 20, 2007 1:20 am

Among the 34 items for sale at stops on this summer’s American Idols Live tour: T-shirts featuring Blake Lewis or Jordin Sparks (the other eight touring Idols are, sadly, not silkscreen-worthy); $50 hoodies that are, for some reason, imprinted with a guitar, and not the faces of the Idols; a $10 make-your-own sign kit (you’d think the Staples Center would object to such leeching of diorama-supply sales from its sponsor); and some $5 glowsticks, for when Blake busts out his new rave mini-set. (OK, OK, we’re kidding about the “new rave” thing. We think.)

‘American Idol’ Tour Merchandise: Sorry, No Wigs [The Set List]