In Which I Get Kind Of Bummed Out About The Looming Flavor Flav Roast

noah | July 26, 2007 2:26 am

A clip of Snoop Dogg performing on Flavor Flav’s Comedy Central roast–which airs in a couple of weeks, and has on its bill both Carrot Top and Jimmy Kimmel–has been floating around today, and it makes reference to sleeping with Brigitte Nielsen and Flav’s resemblance to a blunt.

It actually took me a couple of hours to watch the clip because, as a friend noted, “He is Channel Zero.” (He also included a sad-face emoticon, but those don’t translate well outside the IM window.) And once I did watch, I realized that I’m going to be at a Public Enemy show this weekend, and it’ll be hard for me to get the images from Flavor Of Love out of my head during the performance. To compare: I did have a few flashbacks to Rock Of Love during Poison’s show the other night–particularly during “Fallen Angel,” the lyrical content of which likely doubles as the backstory of half that show’s contestants–but somehow it didn’t seem like too much of a bummer, probably because Poison’s music didn’t have as many “important” aspirations. Or maybe it’s only because two episodes of Rock of Love have aired so far, as opposed to four different reality series centered around Bret Michaels.

Ugh, I’m reading this over, and I feel like I’m coming off like a fuddy-duddy, or at least someone who can’t laugh at things. I don’t think I’m either–although I did prefer Charm School to either of the Flavor of Love iterations–and I know Flavor Flav wasn’t the political fulcrum of Public Enemy, but is it wrong to be sort of appalled by his transformation into a go-to punchline whose name can’t even get spelled correctly in copyedited publications? And is this what every musician who achieves some modicum of celebrity, then gets sent to the dust heap of faded stars, has to look forward to?

Video: Snoop Roasts Flavor Flav [Nah Right]