Dave Matthews Ticket Prices Going Down At A Pace Faster Than My Typing Speed

noah | July 26, 2007 3:05 am

This morning, tickets to Dave Matthews’ $3,000-a-seat show that’s part of the $15,000-a-pop Social@Ross series were going for $250 to members of Dave’s fan club. But if you’re affiliated with the Ross School, where the super-swanky, slow-selling series is being held, you have the opportunity to pay even less for your ottoman. An e-mail to “the Ross School community” is giving people affiliated with the school the chance to buy 100 pairs of tickets at a lowest-high-bid Dutch auction, where the 100th-highest bidder gets to set the price for the 99 bidders above him:

“You will be bidding on packages of 2 tickets, with a maximum allowance of 4 tickets (2 packages) per bidder. We are using the lowest high bid method for this auction. Send an email with the highest price bid you will pay for 2 tickets. Remember that the top 100 bidders are obligated to buy either at their bid prices or lower, as the purchase price will be determined by the lowest of the top 100 bids. For example, if the prices of the top 100 bids range from $400 to $1,000 for 2 tickets, each of the 100 top bidders will pay only $400 for their 2 tickets.”

Or $200 a ticket. And that’s 200 tickets out of the 1,000 that are allegedly being sold–ouch. On the bright side, my hopes that the Hicksville High School alumni association has an inside line on the Billy Joel show just shot up by about three or four notches.

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