Karen O Practices Her Care Bear Stare

noah | July 27, 2007 10:00 am

The AP has an interview with Yeah Yeah Yeahs singer Karen O today, and in addition to alluding to the fact that she’s kind of terrified of Playboy‘s audience, she gets the chance to talk about the time she was stared down by an Emily The Strange lookalike at a radio festival a while back:

AP: What’s the most horrible thing someone in the audience has done while you’ve been on stage?

KO: It was at this Boston radio show, none of our fans were there. There was this little girl in the front row, I’ll never forget her. She was kind of Goth, with black eyeliner, black outfit. She kept giving me the finger and mouthing the words “I (expletive) hate you,” over and over. I kept looking straight at her, I focused on her, her and her alone. Then she kind of went away.

“Kind of went away” sounds a little diabolical, doesn’t it? We’re hoping that she just meant “went off to get some soda before Hoobastank started.”

Q & A With Yeah Yeah Yeah’s Karen O [AP via Yahoo!]