Chamillionaire Tries Out For A Spot On MSNBC’s Midday Lineup

noah | July 27, 2007 2:30 am
Chamillionaire’s clip for “Hip-Hop Police” takes a serious subject–the idea that hip-hop is currently the No. 1 scapegoat for most of society’s ills, particularly when it comes to the cable chat circuit–and gives it a pretty entertaining spin (Chamillionaire plays himself, a hearing-deficient police officer, and a staid white newscaster whose facial expression is permanently in tut-tut mode). And Slick Rick engages in a little bit of roleplaying as well, appearing as himself and a police officer who’s confused about the whole eye patch thing. The “Hip-Hop Didn’t Start The Fires That Are Blazing At The Moment” epilogue “Evening News” is also worth a look, although alas, it’s Slick Rick cameo-free.

Chamillionaire – Hip-Hop Police [YouTube]