Van Halen’s Official Site Places Wolfgang In Time Machine

noah | August 14, 2007 2:34 am

An eagle-eyed Van Halen fan writes in with news of some revisionist history coming from Van Halen’s official site, which has been freshened up for reunion-tour ticket sales: “If you look at the main page on, all their David Lee Roth era albums are show on the left and right sides. But you can notice that they’ve changed the cover of Van Halen I and replaced Michael Anthony with who appears to be Wolfgang Van Halen.

They also do not have the band photo on the cover for Women and Children First, because Michael Anthony was on that cover. Just thought I’d tip the idolator editors to this weird piece of photoshop editing. Personally I think it’s kind of disrespectful to Michael Anthony. First he doesn’t get to join the Van Halen reunion, then he has to tour with lame Sammy Hagar, and now this!”

It’s especially galling, given that Wolfgang was about -13 years old when Van Halen I came out in 1978. For your perusal, the album images–real and version–are reproduced below. The smaller size of the Web site’s cover version makes it tough to see if the new person in the bottom-right corner is Wolfgang for sure, but the picture is definitely … different.


This is all going to be so embarrassing when Eddie and Alex go back to Michael, hat in hand, for a tour in ’08. Hope he at least uses this to ask them for more money! [Official site] Van Halen [Amazon]